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 After a few lesson filled years in this hobby, I have seen many ladies (including myself) grow but many more fall off. I believe that many women have joined this world knowing very little and not attempting to learn and understand how to be a great companion.

 Being an escort can be mechanical - post ads, meet men, then repeat. But being a companion means she understands her significance in a man's life. Whether its for an hour or a new friendship, she takes the time to study a man and understand what his specific needs are. She listens to his behavior not just his language, since we all know men are not the best communicators :)

 I have found that after working on myself as a woman, I have become a better companion. I am comfortable in my skin and therefore am able to be fully present when sharing my time with someone. I value my time and know my purpose in choosing this lifestyle - to explore the world, connect with people, and leave a great impression in someone's life. It doesn't just have to be physically, its about the experience of secretly meeting an inspiring person whom I may have never gotten the chance to know.

 So when choosing that special someone I hope you all see that there is a difference between an escort and a companion; a "session" and an experience; who do you want to spend your valued time with?

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