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 Well, this tour has been interesting and it isnt quite over yet. I wanted to clear up one very very important key to this experience going smooth, screening.

 Ah yes, it can be a dreadful process, but it is so important to me and most girls who actually care about the experiences they have and who they meet. I actually think my screening is a breeze - if you present yourself with openness upon our first correspondence then we will get along fine.

 My purpose for verifying you is so that I do not have to spend the first 30-60 min trying to figure out if you are serious, safe, and sane. Can you see why this would be a problem and a waste of our time? I have no interest in keeping tabs on you or trying to ruin your life with the information you give me. It is SOLEY for my comfort and it shows me how serious you are about meeting with me. I also want to distinguish the men of standards from the men of impulses. As I stated in my bio, I am only looking to meet with respectful men who are looking for a genuine connection and experience.

 Now that we have that clear, I'd also like to say that I do not need a multitude of references or information. Just simply telling me about yourself, your occupation, include one or two provider references, and/or P411, TER Whitelist, Date-check information. I will encourage any of you who haven't, to become members of verification boards like the one's I listed because they quickly validate you for us.

Thank you for reading my boring, yet IMPORTANT post. :)

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