What moves you?Category: General   Oct 25th 2017  05:35PM   0

 I love listening to music. During my last trip down to L.A. from San Francisco I was able to find some of my old favs which are mostly 90's R&B hits and it brought back good memories. I don't connect with the music on the radio today as much - find myself driving in silence if I don't have my ipod or pandora playing. 

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Happy Summer!Category: General   Jun 17th 2017  03:30PM   0

I took some much needed vacation time this last month and spent quality time with family and friends. It was great! For those of you wondering what happened to me I just wanted to let you know I am still alive and kicking - feeling better than ever! Summer is going well and I am ready to get back on tour. You are more than welcome to drop me a text or email and say hi, both new and old friends :)

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Fun in DCCategory: General   May 3rd 2017  03:39PM   0

I love the views in DC. I've had better while staying here, but I cant complain because it is gorgeous outside! I have been getting tons of love out here and have had a few impeccable dishes at new restaurants - this all reminds me why I love this city. Cinco De Mayo is on Sunday and I will be one of those people using this holiday as an excuse to enjoy myself! lol Cheers!

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6 Month Update :)Category: General   Apr 28th 2017  06:36PM   0

Some of you know that I had a breast augmentation done last year in October... and  some of you have met me and had no clue they were done! Which is such a positve sign! I am so happy with my Dr. and after 6 months I am finally all settled :) I know some men don't like the fake ones but I can honestly say mine are so soft and natural feeling, not to mention the shape is amazing. Luckily, I did this for me and I am incredibly pleased with the results so I

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Concierge - A Date to RememberCategory: General   Apr 26th 2017  06:40PM   0

 As I mentioned throughout my website, I really hope for our encounter to be unique. I have decided to give some ideas of activities, restaurants, bars, etc in the major cities I visit that I have come to enjoy. I have had a few people ask me "What can you do in a full 24 hours with me?" My hope is to enjoy the perks outside the bedroom just as much as we do inside; so there are plenty of things we can experience together. When work or home life gets crazy I want to be the on

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To Be Clear...Category: General   Mar 17th 2017  06:44PM   0

 Well, this tour has been interesting and it isnt quite over yet. I wanted to clear up one very very important key to this experience going smooth, screening.

 Ah yes, it can be a dreadful process, but it is so important to me and most girls who actually care about the experiences they have and who they meet. I actually think my screening is a breeze - if you present yourself with openness upon our first correspondence then we will get along fine.

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Exotic Dancer? Yes, Please!Category: General   Mar 5th 2017  06:45PM   0

There is something so majestic and sexy about a talented stripper :) I have recently found a love for these women and really admire their trade. After visiting Miami, DC, NY, and SF clubs I have realized that some are definitely better than others but I still enjoyed them all. Its the perfect begining to a night because it gets the guys all worked up and makes me feel sexy just watching them!

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January you have been good to me...Category: General   Feb 15th 2017  06:46PM   0

Well my first tour of 2013 has come to an end and I am headed back to sunny California...

I tend to push myself and stay on the road for a while, always hoping to see as much and meet new amazing friends. This trip was a great way to begin the year.

My favorite place was definitely Boston and that is why I decided to include it in my next tour :) I am also heading to Milwaukee ad Chicago for the first time!

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Quality GirlCategory: General   Feb 4th 2017  06:48PM   0

 After a few lesson filled years in this industry, I have seen many ladies (including myself) grow but many more fall off. I believe that many women have joined this world knowing very little and not attempting to learn and understand how to be a great companion.

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InspirationCategory: General   Feb 3rd 2017  06:49PM   0

I am a sucker for good quotes! I love the guidance that a simple quote can give me... So I decided to post some of my favorites.

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Boston You Are BeautifulCategory: General   Jan 31st 2017  06:56PM   0

Boston You Are Beautiful :)
Even though it has been a little gloomy on my first two days up in Boston, I love the scenery and upitty vibe here.

I haven't been able to do much exploring yet, but this weekend I plan to get out and try some great food and site see.

It's been about two years since my last visit here and I am so happy I gave this city another try. I am definitely enjoying my time and have met some amazing gentlemen :)

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Welcome!Category: General   Jan 28th 2017  06:55PM   0

Welcome New and Old Friends!

2016 was filled with many great changes and its looking like 2013 will be as well! Yay!

Starting with my new website AND my new blog you are viewing now.

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